Monday, 29 November 2010


This video has some seriously disturbing images yet the voice of Theatre of Tragedy's singer is one of the most melodic and beautiful voices I have ever heard. She sounds like a real ancient greek Siren! Her voice will soothe your soul yet the imagery is not for the faint-hearted..
Thanks a lot for this rexxtini!

Infolinks Ads

As you may have noticed I just introduced for the first time in-text ads from Infolinks.
I prefer Infolinks or Kontera to Adsense because their ads are clean, discreet and far more minimal.
This is a actually sort of a test drive for my upocoming science/tech blog, I don't really expect these ads to generate any serious revenue in this blog.
There is also a single clandestine Adsense ad lurking and occasionally rearing its head inside that Triond widget on your right hand but I don't get a penny from it; it's just required to house this widget for free, I don't know I think I'd better remove it. I do get pennies though (literally) every time you click one of these links and read my articles and poems housed by Triond's affiliate sites.
Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this. I presume my next post will be about the grand announcement of my brand new blog.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Articles for content sites

As you may have noticed from the widgets on the right, I recently started writing articles for Triond and Bukisa, two very interesting revenue sharing content sites from Israel. In case you don't use javascript my articles are currently here , here and here. I've also posted my Paradise Found short story here. This blog is certainly not fitting for articles of technical-geeky nature, so I'm working on a new tech oriented blog, possibly on Wordpress, where I will present them more properly. So you may also view this post as a preannouncement of this blog.
Take care, Sharpedon.
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