Tuesday, 27 October 2009


What's yet to come is all we have,
the future happiness we will enjoy,
the future friends,the future joy.
Our next good job will be better,
our next great love will be greater.
What's yet to come we all await,
have good fun make it worth the day.
Our past is gone it's in a tomb,
what we've done wrong is buried for good.
Our good past deeds we shall recall,
our bad ones matter no more.
Yet now and then we should visit our past's grave;
not to open it but to drop some flowers.
Our past is dead yet it's our roots.
And our roots must be honoured.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Paradise Found(full)

The angels dance along with their fallen brothers from Hell a very mirthfull dance today. Something between tango and salsa, a little bit of flamenco, and maybe a trace of valse. Archangels and demons all became one. They slung their swords and tridents and went on the razzle. Even Lucifer himself with the Great Maker giggled and laughed and had fun as if they were little impish children.

The War between the two sworn enemies was finally over. Not by means of following some kind of mutual agreement or treaty but simply, some time, there appeared a strange warm glaring Light which crushed the fear all these tens of centuries the one side felt for the other. The Great Maker stated under a rare moment of disarming honesty that He was totally baffled as to what happened and that Himself had done nothing on His part to trigger this. Noone knew how this had happened but who gave a damn? All that it mattered was that the divided for thousands of years friends would be at last reunited.

The first approach was made by Abigor, a lesser demon, who flew up to the gates of Heaven that were now wide open and unguarded. He was sort of exhausted from the long flight; two Serafims and a Heruvim treated him instantly without notifying the big boss since they no longer feared Him. They welcomed him to their cosy place, sat side by side and played Texas Hold'em, chatted about their long missed friends and eventually crashed and slept even deeper than the Texan planet-ruler. The next heavenly day, or roughly a terran month, the Great Maker was tipped about the incident yet bizarelly not only did he not get mad at the recalcitrant initiative of the three angels but he requested to personally see his deposed child.

When Abigor appeared in front of Him he let the Maker know that many of his brothers desired to follow him but he insisted on flying to Heaven on his own. He also gave Him the warmest greetings from Lucifer, His bygone most beloved and most powerful son. The Great Maker was so much touched by Abigor's unrivalled courage and modesty that He asked him to stay in Paradise; permanently if he so wished. “I am deeply grateful Elóhim but I could never leave my brothers. I will honour your request as long as you invite my brothers as well. All of them”, Abigor responded with a majestic mettle which excited admiration from everyone present at the Hall of the Throne. At exactly this moment any last trace of stubborness and spite that still lay in the heart of the Great Maker vaporised. Immediately He commanded two thousand Heruvims to fly down to Hell in order to invite all the demons, archdemons and the rest of the various evil spirits to the grandiose party He had already envisioned.

Almost everything was now ready for the holy date which will be carved with golden letters on the silver plate of the history of humanity and maybe even the whole universe. After an unspecified for the Terran perspective time the skies south of heaven were blanketed almost entirely by the hundreds of thousands of fallen angels who returned to their Home. The demons with broken or withered wings flew on the wings of the Heruvims to whom they were already close friends. During the long flight back to Heaven they prattled and laughed and giggled and tittered like joyful nincompoops. Some Heruvims teased their friends by treating them to a free fall into the void but they were not afraid because they knew they will dive with lightbolt speed to catch them.

If people from Earth could see them they would come in view of something like black and whitestreamers that rolled, unrolled, scattered and got back together. At times they resembled a bantering confetti which constantly went higher and higher. The Heavenly Gates were already lit with a vivid golden light and adorned with silver, platinum, emeralds, rubies and lapis lazuli stones especially for the occassion. Every demon stood in awe of all this beauty, which was a far cry from the ugly blackness of the purgatory, the intolerable lakes of flame and the amorphous lava streams which constantly fed them.

When all the angels,former and current, had crossed the Gates and gathered at the inconceivably vast to the terran mind illuminated central park the Great Maker appeared on the atrium of the Throne along with Michael on His left and Gabriel on his right (Jesus was unable to show up since he was already blissfully stoned, dried up and swollen at some intimate parts of his body after an all-day party with two juicy angels who almost left him more scraggy than his forty days fast era). All three emitted a light so intense that a human would perceive them as three stars : two white dwarves with a blue giant in the middle. The two archangels were probably for the very first time fully unarmed despite the presence of all their eternal foes. They deployed wide open their huge feathers, held the Celestial Father and slowly carried Him at the centre of the park where Lucifer was, along with all the generals of his legions. They loosely left Him around three meters in front of the bygone awe-inspiring and mighty Angel of Light.

For a few moments they both hesitated and remained there almost frozen. At these very few seconds it was as though time stood still for whole days. Eventually Lucifer approached his Father with small timid steps and humbly offered Him his hand. The Maker took his hand, He shook it while crying, opened His arms and hugged Lucifer very intensely, in the way every father hungs his child after loosing it for several years. They both started to shed tears, whimper and cry from an ineffable joy, as if they weren little chidren. Michael and Andrameleh followed them, together with Gabriel and Melcor, Uriel and Raziel and many more old friends and brothers. The centre of the park was illuminated many thousands time more from all that emotions of Love and Friendship that came upon everyone.

When they sort of recovered (after having wet with a lake of joyful tears the whole central park), the Celestial Father, who now bore a smile wider even than Joker spoke out the three words that sparked off the greatest party of all time : “Leeeeeet's paaaaaartyyy guysss!!!!!” There was no match throughout the entire mortal and immortal history to rival this raving lunatic party. The whole of Heaven was shaken up by the crazy dancing, singing, drinking, laughing and chatting. Angels and archdemons,demons and archangels, high elves and spirits of fire, dark elves and jins all together became a lovely mess. Initially the third music band of the Heruvims played music with their golden and silver instruments but soon this was unnecessary since the singing spawned its own music and the Heruvims threw their instruments away and avidly joined the party!

The divine music was soon so loud that its sounds echoed all the way to Earth.
The Music, along with the laughters and giggles sounded everywhere like a very sweet heavenly melody. It was so beautiful that it warmed the hearts of all men, even the coldest ones. Soon everyone was carried away and started to dance with everyone;familiar or unknown to them! Old and young, men and women of every occupation, race, colour or nationality set up a worldwide jamboree of no precedent! Babies that had not yet walked their first steps started to swing to the rythm inside their cradles! At the long tortured Gaza Stripe Israeli soldiers along the wall abandoned their arms and outposts and started to dance with Palaistinian Hamas fighters! In Kashmir Pakistanis and Hindis carried away each other to leave their sentry-boxes and positions and they mingled and entered the Himalayas foot for a wild Dionysian feast!

George W. Bush peculiarly did not take advantage of the occassion to appear in front of the american public at a nation-wide network proudly announcing the second coming or some other conventional christian pearl of whisdom (that would actually be a very stupid thing to do since at the time there was not a single soul watching TV throughout the world; even the president would not do that). Instead he released all his guards-some of them even released themselves-put on a Texan cowboy hat, got out of the White House and raided the crowd-flooded roads of D.C.! The congressmen, businessmen, artists, homeless and everyone that saw him surrounded the president with supposed mean intentions. Bush was not scared much but fleetingly wondered whether these were the last seconds of his pious christian life. Then the crowd lifted him for a while in the air before hugging and kissing him. “Long live the president!!”, they shouted, “but now move your presidential arse to the music or get the hell out of our way!”

At the Greek-Turkish borders the Greeks and the Turks were unable to meet in Evros due to the hundreds of land-mines but they pulled out their entire airforce and navy and met on and above the Aigean Sea. The frigades, the torpedo-boats and the submarines massively bombared into the air for many hours until all of their amunition was exhausted. The F-16s and Mirage-2000s from both sides went in for a series of acrobatic air-fights,flew upside down, in greek-turkish formations, and released all of their bombs into the sea and their missiles high into the air. It was like the whole Aegean Sea was lit with fireworks! Whoever saw them from Cyclades and Dodekanissa almost thought that all these fighters were not driven by top-notch professional pilots but by small children who were themselves inside their remote-controlled little airplanes!
In less than two hours every act of hostility or warfare on the whole planet had frozen. Outside the prisons of all over the world the convicts had fun and drunk beers and joints with their guards! This situation carried on until gradually the entire globe was illuminated by an adorable all-powerful Sun; it appeared as if it was high noon at every longitude and latidude at the same time! There was a couple at Oia, Thira, which at some time stopped dancing; they looked each other deeply in the eyes for a long time, as though they eagerly desired to captivate the face of each other for all the eternity.

Then they kissed tenderly, very tenderly, more tenderly than even their very first kiss. Their eyes glowed vividly, like four bright stars on the darkest sky. Suddenly they felt like they levitated in dark empty space and stopped touching the ground above their feet. Everyone around them seemed to have vanished yet everyone was strangely still there : men, angels, demons, even the various animals, that of late had also started their own personal dance and games. And then the two lovers simultaneously whispered to each other :
“I Love you so much baby. Amen...”

© Nikolaos D. Skordilis,
Piraeus, Greece, 29/09/2007

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Moonspell-An Erotic Alchemy

Still no new stories after exactly one year but I will post more soon.
I just adore this song;clearly one of the best gothic metal songs of all time..

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