Tuesday, 15 April 2008

South of Heaven

There was a place where once angels and demons
fought for aeons. They constantly battled over
what each side thought was right.
What most mortals perceived as a manichaistic
conflict of good vs evil was actually logic vs emotions,
obedience vs freedom, order vs chaos.

Their masters did not took any part in the ongoing war,
rather observed the fightings from a safe distance.
This place was beyond the mortal plane.
It was one of the celestial planes.
South of Heaven and North of Hell.
Strangely it was a couple of mere mortals which
played a vital part in ending this war.

And from that time on the universe would never
be the same. There finally came a period of eternal
bliss all over the creation. It had long been prophesised.
And now the time had finally come.
Amen to that.
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