Monday, 7 April 2008

Eaten Alive

I'm possessed by a lust
as she tastes my blood
desperately I try to gasp
but it's not at all bad

She bites my wrist
she bites my neck
she enjoys a feast
I love it too,
what the heck

Will I survive or stay alive?
Will my vicious lover drain me dry?
I'd rather die inside her hive
than being swapped like a fly

The life force is leaving me
I think it's getting darker
my lover is still eating me
to satisfy her hunger

But just before all light went off
everything was illuminated!
by a light that almost blinded me
as if the stars were recreated!

My vampire lover is still here
holding me by my hand
she tells me not to fear
“My luv,we are now one”...
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