Tuesday, 1 September 2015


WordPress won my heart and I am now mostly at my personal blog nikosskordilis.wordpress.com (soon nikosskordilis.gr or .eu) but I think I will keep on writing some vampire poetry here. We shall see..

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Luis Royo

Luis Royo is a Spanish artist with gothic, fantasy and sci-fi oriented artistic inclinations. I am particularly fond of his style. Nearly all of his work is old-fashionedly handmade; perhaps that's why his art is so strong and vibrant. His women are so beautiful and diverse. This guy must have met some ultra fine women in his life. Enjoy a very small sample of his work.

Luis Royo art

Luis Royo art

Luis Royo art

Luis Royo art

Luis Royo art

Luis Royo art

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Gothic Beauty

Gothic, melancholic beauty
pale skin and eyes like milk
you love the creatures of the dark
and feel like home only at night

Gothic, melancholic beauty
your fangs pierce me like nails
you drain my blood away
yet I feel so safe and strong

Gothic, melancholic beauty
when you pierce me I feel a fire
igniting in my cold dark heart
for you I feel a strong desire
I don't want us to be apart

(written for my friend Darkonios Necrangel,
in the summer of 2012)

platinum blond gothic babe

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Α poem based on a zombie's dream

Dust, dust all around us
our dead cells blanket everything
like a grey sheet on a corpse
we have long been dead
yet we are still moving

We are moving like puppets
handled by an unseen puppeteer
all life’s warmth has left us
our bodies are cold as ice
and our blood is like crude oil

Nature does not like us
we scrounge her resources
devouring the blood of animals
since no human is left alive
we are nature's parasites
no better than ticks or louses

That’s what keeps us moving
yet we cannot be alive again
this is our eternal torment
until all animals are gone
and we start eating each other

© Feb 2011 , N. D. Sk

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Rediscovery of Fire

This poem was inspired by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s writings.

Someday, when our hopes will have faded
all our dreams torn asunder
and all our resources raided
a glimmer of hope will shine

Someday, when our lands will be sterile
all our rivers poisoned
and the sky scorched and vile
our cold hearts will be warmed

That day, we will rediscover Love
that day we will rediscover fire
and we will then evolve far beyond
our strait mortal plane and thrive!

© 2010 N. D. Sk.

Friday, 10 December 2010

The Demon Within

This is an old half-written poem of mine I completed a few days ago.
The title leads to where I originally published it.

I feel the demon within rising
my heart beats raging fast
oh, the feeling is so exciting
will I be able this time to last?

the demon flows in my veins
the foul beast is full of vanity
this time I hope he remains
and does not flee with my sanity

ooh, my thoughts are running wild
everything seems to be speeding
I feel like a frightened child
where is the beast going to lead me?

© 2010 Nikolaos D. Skordilis

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